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ZRackPre5 Noise Reducing Server Rack for 19" Mount Servers, RAID, Switches, and Other Computer Equipment


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Server Rack 19" Rackmount Enclosure Cabinet

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Server rack ZRackPre5 noise reducing 19" rackmount enclosure cabinet for computer equipment. 19" rack mount computer server and storage network cabinet enclosure equipment systems. ZRackpre5 19 inch rack enclosure server cabinet for rackmount computer, storage, network and audio video equipment.

Rack cabinet ZRackPre from Ajay saha reduces noise, filters air, and provides security and mobility. The ZRackPre was designed for noise reduction, and features air filtration, secured doors, and wheels. Enclosure cabinet rack mount cabinet ZRack Pre5 reduces noise by over 80% while filtering air and securing equipment.

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